What To Expect When You File Your Taxes For 2021

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What To Expect When You File Your Taxes For 2021

At Hogan-Hansen, P.C. we are starting to prep for the 2021 Tax Season!  It is safe to assume that we will be needing to have less face-to-face meetings with our clients and start to transition to appointments and more discussions via phone or through video conferences.  We are wanting to transition to this to provide extra safety measures for our clients and staff and to help limit the spread of Covid-19.  Clients you can continue to drop off your information at your individual office, scan and upload it to your secure portal, or by mailing it to us.

There are a few extra items you may want to consider when turning in your items…

If you received your stimulus check we will need to know that amount you received as this will be an additional reconciliation task on your 2020 tax return.

If you received any PPP funds we will need to know the amount and the date you received this.  We encourage our clients to continue to watch the developments from the Small Business Administration.

If you got an IEDL loan you will need to provide us information in regards to receiving any grants.  The more information we can receive from you, the better.

We are continually adjusting to different communication methods to continue to meet the needs of all of our clients.  We are looking forward to the 2021 Tax Season and as always, please call one of our offices if you have any questions!


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