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A Valuable Incentive for American Companies

Innovation and growth are key for any business but are you letting valuable money slip away?

Hogan - Hansen’s Research and Development Tax Credit experts can work with you to identify daily processes and work that may qualify for valuable tax credits and possibly save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in taxes.

Why the Research and Development Tax Credit Matters

Businesses in the United States are battling in an intensely competitive global market, meaning every dollar counts in the effort to protect American jobs and drive ingenuity. The Research and Development Tax Credit, which has been in effect since 1981, helps you maximize the work you already do every day to reduce the taxes you pay and allow you to reinvest in your business and your employees.

Our Expertise with R&D Tax Credits

Our tax credit experts comprehensively evaluate your daily operations to identify any work you do that may qualify for a Research and Development Tax Credit. The easiest way to qualify is to develop new products. However, your business may qualify even if you don’t develop new products.

You may still be eligible for a tax credit if your company:

  • Develops new, improved or more reliable products, processes or formulas
  • Improves processes or reduce waste
  • Designs tools, jigs, molds or dies
  • Develops prototypes or models
  • Performs testing
  • Tests new materials
  • Develops, implements or upgrades software or systems
  • Adds new equipment
  • Streamlines processes

Our experts are always working with our clients to find new opportunities as they arise. Once they have identified tax-saving opportunities, they create the proper documentation and provide any necessary support to ensure you get the Research and Development Tax Credit your company deserves.

Hogan - Hansen is a Titan Armor R&D Tax Credit Software Partner

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